Getting to know Seth Martin, Insurance Broker

Hello and welcome to the site! My name is Seth Martin, I’m an independent insurance broker here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I work with everyday people like you to help choose/explain/compare insurance plans for you and your family. I can also help with Life insurance and accident/disability. The best part? I charge you nothing for my services.

I got into insurance in 2013 in southern California after leaving my position with Little Caesars as a Regional General Manager. I wanted to have a career where I could help people and make a difference. I believe insurance is the perfect field for me to do that. There are few things that are mandated by law that can be as confusing as health insurance. Seemingly always front and center of national debate, health insurance is constantly changing due to new legislation and regulations in Washington DC. In present day, it is nearly impossible to grasp the full extent of how health insurance works and what plans you should choose. I know this from first hand experience. I thought I understood insurance marginally well, until I got my insurance license and started to learn more about it. There is so much below the surface of what you see on TV and online, and that is precisely why Brokers exist. It is in your best interest to have someone like me assist in and explain the process, mainly so you don’t make irreversible mistakes on your own.

Outside of insurance, I enjoy playing basketball and anything nature related, including hiking, white water rafting, and camping. Traveling and music are my passions.. I’ve visited 13 countries and played the piano by ear since I was 8 years old. In my spare time I enjoy reading, engaging in respectable political discussions, and dabbling in computer programming and coding. I’ve always tried to be the best at whatever it is I do, and that applies both to my personal life and work life. I’m the type of guy to spend 5 hours at your home going over plans until we find something that is right for you. I take my work very seriously.

I hold Health & Life Insurance licenses in California, Nevada, Maine, Texas, New Mexico, Michigan, South Carolina, and Florida. I’m always searching for new ways to reach out to people who don’t know brokers exist, or who need real help with insurance. I greatly appreciate referrals from my satisfied clients. A referral is the greatest compliment you can give me.

Thanks again for visiting the site, and make sure to check back occasionally for updates.

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Seth Martin, 2015